Superdeluxe – A Beautifuck that is beyond brilliant and contenting

In the Disco of life set to trip with the brisky beats of Lahiri and The “Rajas”,arrives the dancer – the Super Deluxe ,dressed in significant shades of blue and orange grooving to the tunes in magnetic movements resulting in a fusion that is fun, fascinating and whip-smart! One among the abundant delights in Super Deluxe lies in discovering what it is ultimately about and how it goes about the same beneath the buzzing airplane.

A character in the film – the amusing and catty Gaaji who is nicknamed after lust and signifies the same remarks while watching an erotic flick,” First frame le padam arambichiduchu da!”- The film begins right in frame one.Well, similarly, Kumararaja establishes his film’s grip right in frame one and with his titanic brilliance ,he retains the same in each and every frame and the elements in any individual frame contribute in one way or many to the story, structure and philosophy of this mega marvel which is an idiosyncratic instance that highlights what a well-built,well-made and well-structured film the amalgamation of intriguing and intelligent storytellers( four writers),technicians and performers can result in making one go Aaaga! instantly and incessantly.
Kumararaja knows his destination.He knows the game and all its rules.He seems to know them so well that he can play anyway he wants to, mending and bending the rules.In his second,the drive is not via a single road but in many filled with turns at the right places towards which acceleration remains at a steady and smart space for the driver here is a badass!The journey and the destination mutually enhance the effect of the experience of the other.
Super Deluxe traces the day in the lives of its characters that enables them discover and arrive at terms with love, acceptance,faith,lust,life and the beyond!The philosophy that packs them goes deep while the path that leads to it is delightful, profound and built with a dedicated amount of attention to details.
Vaembu strives to cure the perils of the havoc she unexpectedly becomes responsible for .Mughil provides shade to her(their)escape for she is his wife! He showers all that he has held in him – pain and philosophies;hatred and helplessness; concern and condemn.
Every character deserves a description ending in an exclamatory mark! Such is their sort and substance! Manickam ,the gem sculpts himself to Shilpa! Dhanasekaran believes himself to be Arputham – the wonder!Post the connect they share, these two men undergo a transformation and cut ties with their families.While the former chooses a new sexuality,the other discovers a new religion.In the reunion with their respective families,acceptance and rationalisation of faith follows.All the world is a stage and in it Leela – the mother and the dreamer ‘plays’ her distinct roles in the real and the fictional world .It is a beauty when she defies the derogation associated in what she does and adds a dignity to it.The boys are a remarkable discovery and addition who actually get to shoulder the crazily awesome theme music.
Talking of Gaaji’s mates,Thooyavan is the one with a petty amount of purity in him.Paaldappa!Well,cats do love milk! Mohan is the disgusted son and Soori is a striking side explaining why he was named that way.Since it is a Kumararaja film,it is right to say that it is the name which explains what an individual is.We have a Don named after the ruthless ruler of Africa – Idi Amin.
Nomenclature is merely one among the bunch of keys with which Kumararaja unlocks the doors towards a rich and radiant cinema.As an extension of the note on details,every shot,every sound,every colour and every light serve a purpose,a mood and a spirit.Every hint and hit lies before us and the greater we take in ,the richer the experience becomes! The scenes go on with individuals interacting while in the background ,the TV is playing or a song is heard.These are no mere background noises – they do have a story to tell – stories that substantiate the subplots.At times ,they tell us what happened and at times,about what will.
A question at the divine forces is an important aspect of this film and in a chance that Kumararaja gets with a space in a school wall that is committed in the frame,there is a Thirukural that goes :
Theivathaan Aaaga thenninum Muyarchithaan
Meivaruthak kooli tharum
Your faith and moving prayers in God might not provide you rewards but your own efforts will.This is just an instance of the intelligent use of space throughout the film.The director trusts our senses more than we do.He wants you to know everything and enjoy the film as much as he doesn’t want anyone to question the logic of his work and mock it.
Kumararaja’s glamorous aesthetics reveal themselves vibrantly in the way he has painted the world of Super Deluxe in shades of orange, blue and bits of red which highlight the issues of the ‘sexes’ and the the aspect of nature that connects them – sex.Shilpa is clad in a saree of orange and blue denoting the baffled genders within her battling to give her an identity.Joti wears a dark orange displaying femininity that features a love which endures and accepts.
Mughil wears a dark blue colored pull-over with a red shirt within while Vaembu is dressed in a shirt of red with a grey and blue mixed top within.This marks the substance beneath the individuals – the femininity beneath the masculinity and vice versa.
Yuvan’s musical genius blends with the director’s for the latter seems to be a master in utilising the tools of cinema to equip and elevate his film.
Attempts as intelligent and intriguing as Kumararaja’s Super Deluxe gain more power when astute and acclaimed actors come on board. Blessed should we be to own actors with such a sensibility and yearning ranging from Vijya Sethupathi,Samantha,Ramya Krishna,Gayatri,Mysskin to the the entire lot.These actors have did an infallible job with a great amount of passion and grit.
The film comes with a soul of its own besides the style and sensibility prevalent in it.It explores gender dynamics,comments on the system of the society ,ventures into lust,talks simplistic science,debates and reasons with our belief systems and questions our faith in God and religion .It connects the dots in our Arthamatra but unathamaaana – meaningless yet beautiful lives and reveals to us the secret of life – Vaazhvin Ragasiyam!
The characters here are attempting an escape either from fear or humiliation or sexuality or faith.With the resolution,the characters haven’t just escaped,they are enhanced and relieved in this sphere of the universe where the system actually sucks and life tends to follow a pattern.
As the doors of love open after the ding – dong,the sounds of church bells fill in stating there is no greater religion than love.All we hope is that life remains sweet and delighting as the Super Deluxe ice creams and the start of this sole life begins in a playful note!
Super Deluxe which chronicles this all in its crazy style is amusing and astounding; engaging and exciting;brisk and brilliant!
It emerges beyond the hype and wait ; it is a Creative Glory! A beautifuck! It leaves us with a question of pride – Yen? Tharamaana directors- na America la matum than irupaangala? ( Why? Is America the only place for quality directors?)
Kumararaja might be quite modest and state as Thooyavan hums in the film.- Naan kavingyanum illa! Nalla Rasiganum illa!- I am no poet , neither am I a great fan!
Well,he is both and beyond it as well – he is a force to be cherished and celebrated! Hope the force favours us with a fortune by heeding to our requests for more of his films.
Tamil Cinema! May you be with the force!

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