Ispade Rajavum Idhaya Raaniyum- Romance of rage and love that records a remarkably raw Self – ‘Real’isation

A passionate chase of the heart for its spade,a bloody brutal blade that cuts open veins leaving the beating heart bleeding whatever be the nature of the touch.How can the sharp edged icy steel distinguish embrace and a threat for it was forged that way! Ispade Rajavum Idhaya Raaniyum is a story of that heart and the blade.

The journey unfolds with the words of Socrates:”The hottest love has the coldest end”,the temperatures of the heat and the cold here lie within the people ( largely,the man here) and not in the emotion itself.
The quest sets itself in motion with Gautham’s questions on ‘ Why we hate and hurt a person we love the most? What in Earth is responsible for such a madness? ‘ and spirals out the same not with answers but with basic bases beneath, behind and beyond the emotionally and mentally charged query.
As he attends the call of love,the end befalls and you could just feel the heat and beat of it .There is no Hello!or a Hi!, just the ringtone pausing with the pick up . I wasn’t genuinely bothered that moment about the remarkable network strength in the snow touched mountains as there could not have been a more appropriate and affecting way to conclude the story for you know that this tale will continue to own its twists ,turns , temerity and tenderness.
We have a reckless brute in relationship with a loving girl,the star in his sky and an almost angelic figure .The ‘almost’ is to be addressed for she has her own prudence and thresholds coexisting with passionate pursuits of love.
In Kaatru Veliyidai ( one of the films this one pays homage to ) we had a self centered impetuous VC with a troubled familial affliction ( with regards to his father) redeeming his ways in his search for the footprints of the showered self less love.Here too, we have an egomaniacal young man,nearly a rogue who owns a troubled bond with his mother who chooses an other marriage when he was just a kid.He just can’t empathize with her essential reasons while his father who caused the chaos actually did.
Gautham can’t stand that abandon which insidiously fuels his insecure and violent self.He is more vulnerable than vain .The course of romance here is no tale of the rageous man’s redemption.Instead ,it is his arrival at Self -‘Real’isation.
Gautham doesn’t ever say ‘ I love you’ to Tara even once in the film while she voices and means the same multiple times throughout.When love takes birth in him ,his escape is the only form of an elevated expression and that is his way of uttering those three mystical words – “I love you!”
This film is being widely associated with Arjun Reddy -the parallel here is the similar shades of rebellion and violence we find in the interior of the diverse men whose few fundamentals happen to coincide.Arjun Reddy ! He was concrete ,yes – impulsive but was a rebel not without a cause.He was a neurosurgeon ! Here,Gautham is a ruin who doesn’t seem to be doing anything worthwhile in his life .Arjun Reddy follows the path of Devdas portraying the perils of breakup following a passionate and powerful love.In Ispade Rajavum Idhaya Raaniyum,Gautham( ‘the toxic male’) falls in love only towards the final with the assumed reunion offering reinforcement to the dawned realisation.We can, however, state that the points parenting these two films might be neighbours.
The first glimpse you get of Gautham post the racy reminiscence set with Sam C.S’ monstrous ‘Yey Sandaali!’ is him laughing at the climax scene of Nadodigal where Sasikumar chides the ” lovers” for depriving the amour of its essence- this scene fundamentally amounts to a condemn on taking sacrificers for granted – the same ‘taking for granted ‘ is what Gautham does remaining blind and wild to it.
The three friends ,an amusing addition are playing ‘cards’ beside him in the meanwhile where amidst other hilarious highlights, MaKaPa remarks that film reviewing will one day become a government job! Just wondering what will ensue in the office every Friday!
The comic relief is fortunately no dilution .It is weaved to add a layer – a friend’s love life travels in parallel to that of Gautham’s in levels tried and kept funny. The innately prejudiced views his friends share over the matter enters his self and distributes disturbances within ,amplifying his turbulence and temper , thereby, enabling the subplot turn an interesting commercial add that is not wasted.
The romance travels through the routine Modhal to Kaadhal route ( Hatred to Love) but the hatred which follows love is the highlight as it rests on regions raw and real.
When we await all that is distinct and strong, the usual hero saves heroine template makes its way and the constructed coincidental meets add up to their bond.These are very ordinary situations but a significant sum of the same are packed with elements of surprise and even shock with the presence of The King of Spades and the Queen of Hearts who are at diverse spheres of the spectrum – sometimes ,too far and sometimes ,too close.
It all appears to get quite extreme with Gautham at places but by then you are convinced on where it is coming from- his already weird wilderness.This man continues wearing sunglasses nearly all the while – a shield , distancing him from the world around , colouring his vision and view over his life and peers .Well, even the coolers don’t seem capable of calming his heat.The words he mouth are nowhere poetic and strategic – it is all straight and stark. He is the ‘Ispade’ – The Flawed Rage ! In certain zones ,the concept he underlines overpowers the character he shoulders.
Tara is an embodiment of the sparks of love that fights and never gives up – it is a love that is tempest and tender.Her love for him can be summed up as Ranjit Jeyakodi points out ,in the lines from Cigarettes After Sex : “I’m just gonna keep on loving you coz it is the only thing I wanna do!”

Questions do arise when she seems incapable of confessing her love interest to her parents but isn’t that something most struggle with – postponing confessions to merely garner momentary convenience.

The story is substantiated with certain scenarios and styles of striking sort amidst which the bouncy ‘Yae Kadavuley’ doesn’t seem anywhere essential to pass on the rage as the demon clearly is not the woman but the core within .The drama in Tara’s dad is pretty forced too.
In this formidable forum,Harish Kalyan establishes himself as an actor who is not merely an eye candy but soul food.
The standout in Tara is strangely that voice of hers.Shilpa Manjunath is vulnerable and strong – at the same time despite the amateur traces in a few demanding bits.
At one instance in the tale, the conversation between Gautham and Tara seems to be the one actually occurring between Love and Rage with the former asking the latter whether he will extend love post departure? ( A question to which Love’s own answer would be a loud Of course!) Rage replies, powered with passion ,” Konnuduven!” – I will Kill you! Rage nears that range with separation ,only to return and realise the wreck and warmth of love and yes,himself!
Spade is the heart reversed – not just in shape but substance. He is the Rage,The Spade and she ,the love,the heart!
With love embracing rage and rage staging its resistance to it,the card play turns out to be war – raw and real.The victory however favours both The King and The Queen . The warriors bleed and so do they realise and rise.
The trouble in the reception of this rage is that the plausibility to arrive in a middle ground in perceiving this riveting game of cards is quite low.You will either abhor it or adore it with reasons of your own , sufficient to validate both stands.

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